Music comes out
"I'm Not Important To You"


You took me for granted
You took me, you took me for granted

But I landed back on my feet, back on
My feet
Cos you don't deserve me, deserve me
You don't have the time that I need
That I want, I deserve
But I got back my nerve
Did what was right for me
I'm using my head not my heart
And I'm starting new
I'm going to get over you, over you

I'm not important to you

You happy is all I wanted to see, is all
I wanted to see, to see
And so now that's what
I'm going to be, what I'm going to be
I'll waste some time on me
I gave you my all and you took it
I saw and you gave nothing back
Your mind on another track,
Another track, another track yeah

11.4.09 09:46

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